Book 1: The Shadow Queen by C. J. Redwine

Uhm… I’m really not sure about this one. I hate that this is my first review of my official Book Challenge. I sit here thinking about how I feel about this book. I want to love it because I love re-tellings, but this one just didn’t entrance me as so many others have.

Let me start with the positives about this book. The characters in this book are great. They are extremely relate-able, which is what everyone needs in YA. Lorelai is a fierce girl with passion, drive, ambition, and personality. Kol is witty, caring, and brooding. The two obvious make for some good dialogue and reading. The setting is vivid without too much wordiness. The beginning draws you in quickly, and the ending leaves you satisfied (if not rolling your eyes a little too much). Those are all positive things.

However, this books seems repetitive and slow moving. I feel like the same thing happens every time Lorelai uses magic. I guess it’s supposed to, and she does “kind of” learn a little something each time, but come on, I feel like the scenes aren’t vivid enough to have this repetition. I also think the cliches (though expected in a fairy tale romance) are a bit too abundant in the last quarter of the book.

I am just glad that I was listening to this book because the narrator kept me wanting to hear more. If I had been reading this book in my own voice (or the made up ones I sometimes use in my head), I think I would still be trying to read it.

For readers, I would say try this book if you love re-tellings and Snow White. If you are struggling, try the audiobook! I promise the narrator is fun!

For Librarians: Meh, you could possibly skip this one if you don’t have a lot of money in the budget. I think it is going to be a series (not sure how), and it might get better. It will definitely please those who like re-tellings, so purchase where fairy tales are popular.

SPOILER: I hate how everything just worked out perfectly in the end. We had tragedy hit in the beginning, but after all out war, everyone is fine. No biggie.


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