Book 10: See How They Run by Ally Carter

This is the 2nd book of the Embassy Row series. I am going to be brutally honest about this one. I still don’t know if I liked it or if the ending just gave me an adrenaline rush. It was one of those books that you think about putting down from the beginning, but the story keeps drawing you in.

Grace, the main character, is annoying. There is no doubt about it. This is most definitely because Ally Carter has made this character annoying. She is try to write a strong, independent character suffering from PTSD, but she fails. She has written a whiny, spoiled child that has severe PTSD with psychosis. With that aside, the story is not all that bad.

I’m sure you’re confused. I just ripped into this book, but then I said it isn’t bad. This plot is a great one. If the main character’s disorder was described better (research people!) or maybe even just general PTSD symptoms. The book would’ve been well over 4 stars. The plot has twists, intrigue, adventure, romance, mystery. It is everything needed in a YA book.

If you can get past the first 33% of the book, you will most likely really enjoy this book. Just do what I did, skip some of the internal dialogue that Grace has. I just skim through it sometimes because she just whines about being misunderstood and unable to be trusted.

For readers, it will be a journey, but if you really liked the first book, you should trek through this one, too.

For librarians, I think this book will be super popular. It is not everyone cup of tea, but I do think that teens (especially 14-16 year old girls) will enjoy this book.


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