Book 15: Anything Could Happen by Will Walton

Set to the beat of Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen,” Will Walton writes the voice of a young gay teen in love with his best friend. It is pure, though-provoking, and fun, which is everything contemporary, realistic YA literature should be. It is simple in a way that takes a break from the drama heavy world of Teen Fiction. I would give it 3.75 stars.

I will not say this adds to the YA fiction world, but it is a great addition to add to the masses. There is no new concept, there is no new plot, but there is the true voice of a teenager shining through, even though some would disagree with the use of words like right-o. Weird friends use weird words.. I know my friends and I used over the top language like that.

Tretch (not his given name) is a gay, southern teen that is in love with his best friend, Matt. He is a bit of a loner and a reader, but he loves to dance and loves music that has an amazing beat. Matt is straight and likes the pretty, popular cheerleader. You can only imagine the internal discord Tretch feels while slowly coming out to those he loves.

I will say that this book could’ve dove into the actual feelings of being in love with your best friend a little bit more. It did a decent job of explaining the bare minimum, but going from pining to rock bottom is not the most realistic approach to gay-straight best friend love.

This book is riddled with good quotes from the main character. “There’s sickness, and there’s sadness. But the thing is, there’s love, too. I try never to forget that.” That alone will keep you engaged. Tretch is an old soul, and if someone tells you those don’t exist in high school, point them my way. I have a slew of friends, teachers, and classmates that will back me up.

For readers, this is a book worth reading. It is short and fast, and it really does give you the good vibes you need sometimes when reading YA fiction. There is not the heaviest story there, but there is a story to hear and a unique voice in the main character.

For libraries, I am not sure that everyone should have this book, but I do believe that every system should have this book. This is an innocent book about teenage love, and it is something that almost everyone can relate to.


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