Book 21: Beast by Brie Spangler

This book is worth picking up tomorrow and binging. You will laugh and scream possibly at the same time. It is infuriating and endearing

Progress Report

I thought that I would do a progress report, since I am over a third of the way to my mark already (38% says Goodreads). I am just going to list the books that I’ve read and put them in order of my ranking. I doubt anyone is going to ask which book to read…

Book 19: Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

I think this book does add something to YA literature. It shows that bullying effects even those with the thickest skin, and no one is free of self-esteem issues. It teaches us about the power of words and of disorders and disabilities that others have that we have no clue what they feel or go through. This book will reach someone, and it will change their life.