Book 17: Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall

I was really excited to read this book. It seemed like the cute, little, Gay Love Story that I needed. I was slightly disappointed.

Do not get me wrong, this book was not horrible, and it is light hearted and an easy read. It is not however a great book. It had difficulties with voice throughout the entire book. I couldn’t really distinguish between the 4 “main” characters. One of the characters that had a point of view wasn’t even developed enough to be a secondary character. I feel like this book had so much to give, but Hall just cut it too short and flattened the story into a sub-plot.

This book touches on the subject of falling in love with your best friend, which let’s face it happens a lot. I also deals with coming out and growing up. Gideon (which is an awesome name) is a bit of a control freak about his life. He starts to fall for his bisexual best friend, Kyle, who has a girlfriend, Ruby. Then, the plot beings.

I will say that this book has charm and wit, and I could clearly hear Gideon’s voice. I could also hear Kyle’s voice at times. The only time you could hear Ruby’s voice was when she was being a total dick. There’s nerdiness and love and disabilities, and I will say that every sensitive topic is handled with grace and care.

For the reader, this is a good one if you want a fast read that ends wrapped neatly in a bow. I would suggest passing it for something with a bit more wit and substance.

For the librarian, pass.


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