Book 22: We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

I was so excited about this book. I had heard nothing but great things, and I am always scared to start books that are so well received. I tend to disagree with the important books in the YA world. This is not one of those times.

I just finished this book, so my opinions might change slightly throughout the next couple of days, but I really did love this book. It was a book about a lot of important topics, and I think it resolved many of them in a way that is fairly realistic. This book might not handle mental health in a way that you approve of, and it might not handle bullying in a way that you approve of, and you might be tired of rich kid stories, but this book touched on topics that teens need to know about. They need to know they aren’t alone.

The character development in this book is slow, which made it slow for me to get into, but once it picks up, you never want to put it down. Henry is a kid that is abducted by aliens, and he struggles with life. Is life really worth leaving. His next 6 months is riddled with reasons why and why not to save humanity. He grows in ways you would expect, but he also grows in areas that you might not.

Each character has a purpose in this book, which many YA books cannot say. We learn about the joys of life, the horrible people in the world, and the reason we would all consider not pressing the button. It’s a book of decisions, but most importantly, it’s a book of self discovery and seeing yourself the way others see you.

For readers, I say pick this one up ASAP. It leaves you with lots of existential crises.

For librarians, if you don’t have this one yet, you should put in an order right now.


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