Book 29: The Boy Who Killed Grant Parker by Kat Spears

I do not mind the occasional male stereotype/archetype if it is making a point, but Spears painted teenage boys as 2-dimensional horn dogs. Really? Sex, farts, porn, and masturbation?


Book 27: List of Cages by Robin Roe

I struggled with how I was going to review this book. On Goodreads, I gave it 3-stars, which doesn’t seem fair in my mind, but then again, 4 seems too generous. I might switch it back and forth throughout the rest of the week out of guilt.

Progress Report: Halfway There!

I have 25 of my projected 50. I hope to read closer to 70, but Summer Reading might slow me down just a bit. Here are my rankings thus far.

Book 25: We Are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen

I do not think this book is super innovative, but it does break away from the norm of YA literature, and I thank these authors for breaking the modern day monotony. This book is like Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and it is just as great and heartfelt. If you liked that novel, this novel is for you.