Book 31: The King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

I am going to make this one brief. I haven’t really reviewed the other two properly, so I will not go into too many details for this one.

This is the third book in theĀ Red Queen series. I think there is one more after this one. I hope there is only one more. This book was WAY TOO LONG. I mean 500 pages is a lot in any book, but this book has very little dialogue. It is a lot of exposition/internal dialogue/scene setting. I think the first 300 pages could’ve been cut in half, but that’s just me.

It did leave you with another big cliff hanger, but I think we are just in for more of Mare’s whining in the next book. She can be a total badass, but she is also whiny AF.

I think this series is decent for an beginning author. I sometimes wish authors would not debut with a series. It is a bit too ambitious. I think if Aveyard would’ve come back to this series after writing a few standalones, she would’ve mastered Mare’s world.

For readers, keep on keeping on.

For librarians, this series is super popular. I say buy it. It does have a lot of diversity in it, which is great. It is rare that you have a person of color as the MC in a fantasy novel.


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