Book 37: Ronit & Jamil by Pamela L. Laskin

I wanted to love this book. This book had the potential to be the new Romeo and Juliet, but it fell a little flat. I will say that I still enjoyed this book enough. I thought the story and thought behind it was good. It made me want to learn even more about the Israeli/Palestinian crisis, but I do feel like the book should’ve answered some of these questions instead of me finding them on our own.

I am not sure why this book was in verse. After just reading a book in verse that I loved, I was hoping this would completely change my original opinion of books in verse. It did not; it just reinforced my opinion that books in verse are too short, leave you wanting more, and do a horrible job of expressing voice. I struggled a lot with knowing who was talking in this book. None of them had voice, style, or enough depth to show the character as more than just Israeli or Palestinian (which is the only way I knew who they were Abi/Abba and Ommi/Imah).

I think this book could be something for those that like poetry, but it was a little bit of a pass for me.

For readers, you might want to try this book. It has been reviewed well by others, but if you agree with me on most of my reviews, I would say pass. It is a good story that fell flat in the telling.

For libraries, I think this is a good book to purchase, but you might want to make it a secondary purchase.


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