Book 45: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

There are some books that are good, there are some books that are great, and there are some books that make you wonder if they were written just for you. This book was that for me. It checked off most of the boxes that make a book wonderful for me, but on top of that, it was like it was listening to my conversations from the past few months. Everything I talked/read about was in this book. It was almost upsetting how much was in there.

I had heard a lot about this book. 18th century bi-sexual guy in love with his best friend. They take a major European tour and something goes awry. This sounds enticing enough, but it doesn’t seem like the great book I’ve heard everyone talk about. It just sounds fun and adventurous.

This book is fun and adventurous, but it is also witty and important. It deals with subjects that were very real in the 18th century, but some of those difficulties can translate into today’s society as well: racism, feminism, sexuality, and corrupt politicians just to name a few. I also did not expect to laugh so hard at a historical fiction novel, but it was extremely funny. If you do not appreciate Monty’s humor, you at least have to appreciate Felicity’s.

This book is raw and emotional, but it doesn’t feel overly angsty. I think that Monty and Percy have a great amount of sexual chemistry and tension. You can see it building from the beginning, and you know what’s coming, but I loved the tension and build up. I fell in love with both of them at different moments in the book and for different reasons.

If Mackenzi Lee can deliver like this every time, I will forever be a fan of her work.


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