Book 49: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Nina at a book festival, and I had to sheepishly admit to her that I had sadly not read any of her books, but many of them have been on my TBR list. I can finally say that I have finished one, and I was not disappointed by anything other than the fact that I waited so long to read this book.

Marin is a college freshman that has recently experienced a traumatic experience, which has left her anxiety ridden and isolated. Thousands of miles away from her old home, she has started a new life in New York State and left everything behind from her old life. That is until Mabel comes to visit. Mabel is her high-school best friend, and as Marin struggles with her emotions, Mabel might be the one that helps bring Marin back to life.

I can not say enough good things about this book. I cannot say that every aspect of this book 100% related to me, but I can say that this book might have the power to save a few lives. Suffering, pain, and mourning are terrible things for teens to have to deal with, and they are almost impossible to do alone. This books shows the real need for a support system in our times of need.

I want to point out that this book shows so many positive relationships with adults, and it makes my heart swell. YA Fiction needs more books like this to show teens that they do not need to be so secretive and live in an adult-free world.

Also, I am in love with this cover and the end papers in the book. Absolutely stunning!


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